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Snowball (Rick and Morty)

An armed dog

Snowball is shown here with part of the robotic armor he builds for himself and which he will use to dominate the world. We can see his famous soft white fur and the little blue collar he wears around his neck. On his head, he wears his famous silver metal helmet with a visor in front of his eyes and three small cones on the top of his head.


A dog gone smart

Snowball was formerly Snuffles, the Smith family dog in the adult cartoon Rick and Morty. Jerry, the father of the family, being tired of him being so dumb, asks Rick, the scientist grandfather to make him smarter. Now aware that the dogs have been treated like slaves, he makes himself a robotic suit so that the dogs become masters of the world and takes Morty, who had always been nice to him, as a pet. But finally, he realizes that he is no better than humans in the way he treats them and decides to leave for a parallel dimension to live in peace.


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