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Pickle Rick with laser (Rick and Morty)

An even crazier version

This is the second version of Rick as a pickle. We still find his green pickle body with his recognizable face with its single eyebrow. On his lower body, he seems to be wearing the half-decomposed legs of a cat and he’s wearing a skeleton of a rib cage to make him stand. As arms, he also has the legs of a dead animal with bones and flesh clearly visible. This time, he is additionally shown with the laser he manages to build to escape from the building he gets stuck in when he comes out of the sewers.


Ready for anything

Pickle Rick is one of the wackier versions of the Rick character in the Rick and Morty animated series. In order to escape a family therapy session after his daughter and her husband Jerry divorce, Rick decides to turn into a pickle. His daughter Beth being angry, she confiscates the antidote, which becomes particularly complicated when Rick accidentally falls into the sewer and has to manage in his pickle form. He then makes himself a kind of armor made from the remains of dead animals and objects found in the sewers. He has to survive many improbable adventures before being able to go back home and take the antidote after agreeing to go to therapy.


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