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Weaponized Morty (Rick and Morty)

Morty well equipped

On this figurine, Funko has represented Morty equipped with a powerful weapon: Rick’s laser rifle which allows huge holes in any organic matter. He is wearing his usual blue jeans and yellow t-shirt. He wears ammunition across his torso and a harness that allows him to carry his weapon around his waist. At the top of his head, Morty wears an angry and serious expression for once instead of his usual lost and silly look.


A not so naive character

Morty is one of the two main characters of the famous animated series for adults Rick and Morty. This one is a kind of trashy parody of Back to the Future and features Rick, a disillusioned and alcoholic genius scientist living in his daughter’s garage. Thanks to his car that can travel through time, space and dimensions, he often goes on adventures with his grandson Morty, a nice and willing boy but sometimes a bit naive. However, on many occasions, Morty proves to his grandfather and the other members of the family that he knows how to defend himself if necessary.


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