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Story Train Evil Morty (Rick and Morty)

A Morty controlling the story

Funko chose to represent the version of Morty controlling the train and the whole story. Morty is wearing his usual blue jeans and yellow t-shirt but here he is also wearing a big red cape frayed down and he is holding a big wizard stick with a blue stone at the end. He also has a mechanical arm and wears an eye patch over his right eye.


A new Morty

Morty is one of the two main characters of the animated series for adults Rick and Morty. It tells the adventures of a teenager and his scientist and slightly alcoholic grandfather through time, space and dimensions, in a crazy and not at all politically correct parody of Back to the Future. In the sixth episode of season four, the two main characters are trying to escape from a train when they realize that they are in fact in a plastic toy and in a story controlled by the evil version of Morty


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