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Scary Terry (Rick and Morty)

A funny monster

Like the cartoon and the character he is based on, Scary Terry wears a striped sweater, blue pants and a kind of old cowboy hat. His hands also end in white blades but his face is quite different, although still terrifying. This one is pink with pustules and a damaged skin and his eyes are of a not reassuring yellow. He has a big blue unibrow and his mouth is blocked in a threatening rictus.


A misunderstood character

Scary Terry is a character who appeared in an episode of the adult cartoon series Rick and Morty. He is clearly inspired by Freddy Kruger from the famous horror movie Nightmare on the Rails, but unlike him, he is not really evil. Well aware of his appearance, Scary Terry put a lot of pressure on himself because he was afraid of not being terrifying enough. Rick and Morty then infiltrated his dreams to talk with him and become his friend. With people to listen and understand him, Scary Terry became much less touchy and therefore much less dangerous in other people’s dreams.


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