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Gamer Rick (Rick and Morty)

A virtual world addict

Rick is represented here wearing a virtual reality helmet. We don’t know what he’s looking at, but given the character and the fact that he’s drooling, we can only imagine. He wears his usual white lab coat open over his dark green pants and turquoise t-shirt with big black shoes in the simplified style typical of the series. Finally, we find his gray/blue hair styled in spikes.


An unconventional genius

Rick is one of the two heroes of the adult animated series Rick and Morty. The series is a kind of parody in a not at all politically correct version of Back to the Future. Indeed, here Rick is a genius inventor but with a rather sad life since he is an alcoholic and lives in his family’s garage, his career having never really taken off. He also has a rather dubious moral sense as we will see very often in the series. On the other hand, he has invented a car that can travel in time, space and especially dimensions. This will allow him to meet a lot of characters, each one more eccentric than the other, coming from other planets or other dimensions. He shares most of his adventures with his grandson Morty, but occasionally also with his granddaughter Summer.


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