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Western Rick (Rick and Morty)

A funny scientist

Western Rick doesn’t look much different from normal Rick except that he is dressed as a cowboy. He wears dark pants with a big belt buckle and leather boots. With that, he wears a green shirt with a tie and a cowboy hat. On the other hand, like the other Rick, he does wear a lab coat, his famous unibrow and a completely disillusioned look.


An Alternative Rick

Western Rick is a character appearing in the tenth episode of the adult parody series Rick and Morty. At the beginning of the episode, Rick is kidnapped by a gathering of Ricks from other dimensions accusing him of crimes against the Ricks. Several of them having recently been murdered, he believes that the original Rick, hero of the series, is responsible. Western Rick is one of the members of this council and not much is known about him except that he probably comes from a dimension where everyone is a cowboy. It is also possible that this is a reference to Back to the Future 3, the movie that inspired the whole series.


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