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Mr Meeseeks with Meeseeks box (Rick and Morty)

A strange creature

The Meeseeks are humanoid creatures with blue skin and just a small tuft of red hair on top of their head. You can also see on his face that the creature is sad and a little depressed to be there. Finally, on this new version, Mr Meeseeks is carrying a Meeseeks box in his right hand and seems to be about to press the button to summon a new one.


A Sad Fate

Mr. Meeseeks is the generic name for a whole race of creatures living on distant planets in the adult animated series Rick and Morty. These creatures can be summoned through the Meeseeks box created by Rick and must help whoever summons them at all costs before disappearing as soon as they have completed their mission. They are particularly involved in their mission for the simple reason that existence is very painful for them and that they want to disappear as soon as possible.


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