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Beth (Rick and Morty)

A depressed Beth

Funko did not choose to represent Beth at her best for this figure. Indeed, she is represented holding a bottle of wine and a half-filled glass as well as tears in her eyes and a grimace on her face. Apart from that, we recognize of course her blond hair cut to the square as well as her blue pants and the pink blouse which we see her wearing quite often.


A superiority complex

Beth Smith is the mother in the animated series for adults Rick and Morty. Daughter of the genius scientist but very cynical and alcoholic Rick Sanchez, she is married to Jerry Smith and mother of Morty and Summer. Already endowed with a big superiority complex because of her professional status compared to that of her husband, she will undergo the influence of her father having settled in the garage and end up leaving her husband. This leads to many unlikely situations in the series, including Morty embarking on inter-galactic adventures with his grandfather to avoid having to talk about his parents’ divorce.


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