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Morty (Rick and Morty)

A simple character

As in the cartoon, Morty’s style is very basic: blue jeans, yellow pants and gray shoes. On the head, we find this strange face with a mouth drawn very quickly and eyebrows frowned as if he was afraid. Finally, in his two hands, he holds a nut.


A less cool version of Marty McFly

Morty is one of the heroes of the adult animated series Rick and Morty. Taking the basic idea of Back to the Future and making it much less family oriented. Morty is the simple but highly moral grandson of Rick, an eccentric, alcoholic and disillusioned scientist living somewhat out of spite with his daughter and her family. Together, they use portals and Rick’s flying car to travel through space and dimensions, sometimes taking Morty’s clich? teenage sister, Summer with them.


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