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Tony (Rick and Morty)

A funny alien

Tony is an alien with a humanoid body and a fish head. He is an office worker and therefore wears the proper outfit: light brown pants with a dark brown jacket and matching tie. His body is blue with three-fingered hands and therefore a fish head with a mouth surrounded by yellow and big yellow and orange eyes surrounded by blue. At the head, he has a sort of puff on top and finally, he holds a sandwich in his hand with a piece eaten.


A sad character

Tony is a character met by Rick Sanchez in the episode The Old Man and the Seat of the animated series for adults Rick and Morty. He is an alien of unknown origin that Rick meets when he is working in an office and realizes that someone has used his personal toilet. He is about to threaten him but he was widowed and sad, he says he does not fear death. Rick let him off with a simple warning. Eventually, they became friends and Rick tried to help him by putting him in a simulated paradise to make him see the bright side of life. This made Tony more positive and he began to see the bright side of life. Unfortunately, this led to his death.


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