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Tinkles et Ghost in a Jar (Rick and Morty)

An adorable duo

For this exclusive figurine, funko has therefore represented Tinkles accompanied by the ghost in a jar. Tinkles is a ballerina lamb standing on his hind legs and wearing a tut and spats. At the level of the head, we find her muzzle, her ears as well as the top of her head which are pink. She wears a golden and pink crown and a multicolored unicorn horn on the top of her head. Finally, she and the little green ghost in the jar are very smiling and seem happy despite their fate.


An overly cheerful character

Tinkles is a character from the adult cartoon Rick and Morty appearing in the episode Total Rickall. She is supposed to be Summer’s imaginary friend, since no one else seems to see her, taking her into the world where it’s never bedtime. But it turns out that Tinkles is an alien parasite and that Summer will actually have to kill her. Despite this, Tinkles retains his overly cheerful and positive personality at all times.


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