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Black Lady (Sailor Moon)

A dark form

Black Lady retains Tsukino’s long pink hair which she wears in two pigtails like her mother with two sort of little buns forming like rabbit ears. She has a black crescent moon on her forehead and wears purple crystal earrings. She also wears a long black dress with a slit up to her thigh, with orange sleeves and a kind of long red scarf that she holds in her hands. She is also wearing red heels.


An evil character

Black Lady is a character from the Sailor Moon R arc of the famous manga and anime Sailor Moon, which became particularly famous in the 90s. This part of the manga focuses on Chibiusa Tsukino, the future daughter of Sailor Moon. And Black is only the adult and evil version of her after she was corrupted by Wiseman. Wiseman told her that the people of Earth did not like her because they believed she was responsible for the destruction of Crystal Tokyo. This made her more vulnerable and allowed her to be absorbed by the evil black crystal. Fortunately, Sailor Moon in her Neo-Queen Serenity form was able to convince her that what Wiseman had told her was wrong and when they hugged, Black Lady became kind again and the crescent moon on her forehead became golden again.


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