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Queen Beryl (Sailor Moon)

Inimitable style

Queen Beryl is shown here in her memorable style. She wears a long purple dress with an elaborate neckline and holds a grey sceptre with a black crystal ball in her hand. At the head level, we find the strange jewel on her forehead and her green earrings. Finally, his yellow eyes are particularly worrying and we find his long red hair floating above his head.


A Dark Queen

Queen Beryl is one of the most dangerous antagonists in the manga and the anime series Sailor Moon. She is the queen of the Dark Kingdom who, long before the beginning of the anime, had launched an attack on the Moon Kingdom, killing many of its inhabitants. But Queen Serenity used her last powers and managed to bring them back to life and seal the powers of the Dark Kingdom. But Queen Beryl will return and this time it is Sailor Moon who will have to face her. Her goal is to find Silver Crystal in order to spread the darkness, take over the galaxy and awaken the terrible Queen Metalia.


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