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Super Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)

A powerful form

Sailor Moon can take many forms when she fights. Here Funko has represented her as Super Sailor Moon. We can still see her long blond hair in two pigtails but she also has wing-shaped hair clips. Her white uniform is a little different with yellow and blue stripes and shoulder pads. She always wears red boots and the ribbon on her back here forms a big pale pink bow that falls to the ground and flies a little behind her.


The Moon’s guardian

From her real name Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon is the heroine of the manga and the anime of the same name created in the 90s. She is an ordinary high school girl who discovers one day that she is in fact the reincarnation of an ancient alien warrior goddess. Sailor Moon enjoys the protection of the moon, which gives her her powers and allows her to fight on her behalf against evil and injustice. She is joined by several other young women, also under the protection of other stars or planets of the solar system such as Mercury, Saturn, Venus, etc… Together, they will fight against evil thanks to powers that will grow and develop throughout the saga.


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