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Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon)

An elegant character

Tuxedo Mask has a very elegant style that seems somewhat inspired by the Phantom of the Opera. As his name suggests, he wears an elegant black tuxedo with a white shirt and jacket. Over that, he wears a black cape lined with red and holds in his hand the red rose he gives to Sailor Moon when he saves her. At the level of the head, the majority of his face is hidden by his big white glasses. We can still recognize his black hair and especially the top hat that completes his outfit.


The mysterious rescuer

Tuxedo Mask is the mysterious lover of Sailor Moon in the famous manga and TV series of the same name. This series features several ordinary high school girls who are in fact the reincarnation of ancient princesses with magical powers. They fight evil together. Tuxedo Mask is a masked character who shows up whenever Sailor Moon is in danger to save her. He too is the reincarnation of a prince who was once the lover of Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon’s previous incarnation.


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