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Figurines Pop Neo Queen Serenity, Small Lady & King Endymion (Sailor Moon)

A beautiful family

Neo Queen Serenity is therefore a future version of Sailor Moon. For this reason, we find these famous long blond hair tied in two long pigtails as well as the crescent moon on her forehead and the heart-shaped tiara in her hair. But here she wears a long white dress with a very large pink bow in the back. Small Lady has pink hair and some kind of little bunny ears formed with her hair on the top of her head. Like her mother, she wears a long white dress and has a crescent moon on her forehead. Finally, King Endymion has a style close to Tuxedo Mask, he wears a tuxedo but this one is purple and white and he wears a white cape and a white and golden scepter. At the head level, he wears white glasses hiding his eyes and his hair is purple.


The future of Sailor Moon

Neo Queen Serenity, Small Lady and Endymion represent the future of Sailor Moon in the manga and the anime Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is an ordinary looking high school girl who is in fact the reincarnation of an alien warrior goddess. This gives her powerful powers linked to the Moon and which she will use to fight evil with other young women like her. Indeed, Neo Queen Serenity is the future Sailor Moon living in the 30th century. King Endymion is her husband and the future version of the mysterious Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon’s secret lover in the series. Finally, Small Lady is their daughter and the heir to the throne. They live in the city of Crystal Tokyo in the silver millenium.


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