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Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon)

The Warrior of Mercury

Sailor Mercury is the warrior of water, so her dominant color is logically blue. She wears the same costume as the other sailors and in her case her skirt and boots are light blue. She wears white gloves and one of her hands is in front of her conjuring a blue ball. At the level of the head, she wears like her friends a golden crown and we find her dark blue and short hair.


The warrior of water and wisdom

Sailor Mercury is one of the main characters of Sailor Moon, the famous manga adapted into TV series and video games. It tells the story of several young girls who are the reincarnation of ancient warrior princesses. They fight evil with their powers and are all under the protection of a planet in the solar system. Sailor Mercury is the warrior of water and wisdom. In everyday life, she is a particularly intelligent young woman who studies in the same high school as Sailor Moon.


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