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Blue (Jurassic World Fallen World)

A beautiful animal

As in the movie, we find her body of velociraptor with its powerful back legs and its long tail which allows to swing and which contrasts with its relatively small and short front legs. She is represented with her wide open mouth revealing her impressive teeth and we can see the pretty blue patterns around her eyes, along her neck and on her back.


The leader of the pack

Blue is one of the oldest velociraptors of the pack trained by Owen Grady in the movie Jurassic World. Created in the laboratory during the InGen project long before the park opened, Blue owes her color and name to the fact that she was created from the DNA of a blue African steppe varan. In the early days of the park, she fought with the others for a long time but eventually became the leaders of the pack. She is generally docile with Owen Grady but has been aggressive and dangerous on numerous occasions with other park staff. She is the only survivor of the pack at the end of the movie Jurassic World and therefore the only one to be present in the new opus.


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