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Dilophosaurus red (Jurassic Park)

An angry dinosaur

For this exclusive figure, Funko has represented the dilophosaurus in a red version with his ruff spread around his head. He has a reptilian body with powerful back legs, a long tail and two much shorter front legs, a bit like the tyrannosaurus but smaller. At the head level, it has this large collar deployed all around the neck, a mouth open on an impressive dentition as well as two kinds of ridges above each eye.


A venomous dinosaur

Dilophosaurus is one of the many dinosaurs brought to life in the famous 90’s sci-fi movie. Based on the popular novel by Michael Crichton, it tells the story of the madness of a billionaire who managed to fund a team of scientists to use dinosaur DNA found in a mosquito preserved in amber to recreate real dinosaurs for an amusement park. But just as the park is about to open, an accident forces the old man to call in several specialists to get their opinion on the viability of the park. They go there at the same time as the old man’s grandchildren, but a tropical storm will put everyone in danger. The power goes out and many dinosaurs are left to roam free outside their enclosure. The dilophosaurus is the one that the technician meets when he tries to steal information to sell it, giving one of the cult scenes of the film. The dinosaur chases him as he runs to his car and when he thinks he has escaped, the dinosaur is actually in the car and spits acid in his face.


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