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Cassian Andor (Star Wars Rogue One)

Cassian dressed for the cold

On this figure, we can see Captain Cassian Andor dressed for the cold as on some promo pictures. We find his beige quilted pants with his dark brown boots and matching gloves and belt. In addition to that, he wears his blue/grey parka with fur trim and whose details are particularly well rendered. In his right hand, he is holding his weapon whose details are also very well rendered. On his head, we can see his characteristic light goatee and his brown hair.


A Rebel Alliance officer

Cassian Andor is a character from Rogue One, the first film in the new Star Wars saga set shortly before the beginning of the original trilogy. Cassian Andor is an intelligence officer working for the rebel alliance. He is the one who will reprogram K-2SO, a robot of the Empire, to be loyal to the rebel alliance. He will also be in charge of monitoring Jyn Erso during her mission within the Empire, because of her unpredictable nature.


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