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Off World Jawa (Star Wars The Mandalorian)

A funny look

The jawa is represented here with the identical outfit they all wear. It is a long brown coarse canvas coat with a hood hiding the back of their heads. Black bands hide the rest of their heads and only red eyes are visible. The one wears an ammo belt across his torso and holds a large knife in his right hand.


Starship raiders

Jawas are well known creatures from the Star Wars universe that we find in the second episode of the first season of The Mandalorian. After recovering his mission, the young baby Yoda, the bounty hunter is about to go back to his ship to leave but it has been completely dismantled by the Jawas, these creatures with a funny tongue and only their red eyes are visible. Indeed, the latter are known to plunder ships with their funny rectangular vehicles. He tries to take it back by force but can’t. Fortunately, his new friend Kuiil will help him negotiate with the funny little creatures and recover the parts of his ship.


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