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Chef Louis (La Petite Sir?ne)

A French clich?

Louis’ appearance is a mix between the fashion of the cartoon era (the 18th century) and a typical chef’s outfit. He wears black pants with small buckled shoes and high socks and on top he wears a yellow shirt with a red bow and a white apron. On the head, he wears a white chef’s hat and above all his thin curly moustache and frowning eyebrows and a big smile for a devilish look. Finally, he holds in his hand a leaf of salad and in the other the poor Sebastian.


A terrible enemy

Chief Louis is a secondary character of the famous cartoon The Little Mermaid but a very dangerous enemy for Sebastian, the lobster friend of Ariel, the heroine of the film. Indeed, when Ariel gets legs from the witch Ursula, she is taken in by the prince and his family and she takes with her the lobster Sebastian in order to help him in his mission to make the prince fall in love with her. But he is captured by Chef Louis, the head chef of the royal palace, who will try everything to cook him. Chef Louis is a strong-willed cook who is passionate about his job, to the point of being unhealthy, and is often seen dancing and singing whatever he plans to do when he is in his kitchen. From his name and his accent, we can deduce that he is French.


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