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Children of the forest m?tallis? (Game Of Thrones)

A shiny version

For this exclusive version of the character, Funko depicted her with a shiny metallic paint that matches the supernatural side of the character. Her skin is green with tree patterns on parts of her body like her legs. She is wearing very light clothing that seems to wrap around her body like the branches of a tree. She is shown with her hands in front holding a dragonglass dagger and ready to fight. At the head level, we find her very marked eyebrows and her supernatural yellow eyes as well as her curly hair held on the top of her head by numerous leaves and pieces of lianas.


The first inhabitants of Westeros

The children of the forest are the first inhabitants of the continent of Westeros in the novels A Song Of Ice And Fire and the TV series Game Of Thrones which is the adaptation. Indeed, these fairy-like creatures living very close to nature were there before men came from Valyria and started to colonize the continent. The children of the forest created the white walkers by piercing the hearts of humans with dragonglass to defend them. But the white walkers became uncontrollable and the children of the forest were forced to retreat to caves in the north of the continent while the men took the rest of the continent. It is Bran, Hodor and company who will meet them when he goes in search of the famous three eyed raven who first contacted him after he crashed and fell from the tower at the beginning of season one.


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