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Robb Stark (Game Of Thrones)

A true warrior of the North

Throughout the series, Robb will never leave the north since Ned appoints him lord of the castle when he leaves for King’s Landing to become hand of the king”. It is therefore logical that Robb is represented in his typical Nordic outfit and as a warrior since this is what he becomes when his father dies. As always, he wears predominantly brown clothes, mainly leather: a long tunic, boots and gloves. On top of that, one can recognize his grey armor, which is particularly recognizable by the pointed pectoral. Like all men of the North, he wears a thick woolen coat reinforced with fur on the shoulders as well as the sword befitting a king. His face is well represented with his goatee and the slight beard he lets grow from season 2, probably to hide his young age. His auburn and curly hair styled backwards is rather faithful to the physique of the actor who plays him, Richard Madden.


Eddard Stark’s heir

Robb Stark is one of the main characters of the novels A Song Of Ice And Fire” and the TV series “Game Of Thrones”. Robb is the eldest son of Catelyn and Ned Stark, lords of Winterfell and the North. If his role is rather moderate at the beginning of season 1, it becomes much more important at the end of the season when his father is taken prisoner by the Lannisters. Later, after his father’s unexpected execution, Robb declares himself King in the North and goes to war against the current King of Westeros, Joffrey Baratheon. Like his father, Robb, who is still a teenager at the beginning of the saga, will become a deeply honorable and just man with a rather good heart. He is quite close to all his siblings, especially Jon Snow with whom he is only a few months apart. On the other hand, his immaturity or naivety will lead him to make bad decisions that will have heavy consequences. Thus Theon Greyjoy will take advantage of his trust to betray him and his marriage of love while he was committed to another will lead him to his loss.


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