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Night King translucide (Game Of Thrones)

A changing look

This SDCC 2017 exclusive figure features the Night King with an appearance quite similar to his first two versions, aside from the fact that he is black but also becomes translucent when lit up close. As on the previous figures, he wears this long black tunic with big boots and wrist armor. His arms, however, are bare to show that he is not afraid of the intense cold he brings with him. On the head, he is also completely black but we can guess his mouth without lip, his skeletal nose as well as the spikes on his forehead. His eyes are of a translucent blue and quite terrifying as in the series.


A mysterious enemy

The Night King is the ultimate enemy in the famous heroic fantasy series Game Of Thrones based on the novels by George Martin. For most of the series, the great families of Westeros are busy fighting over the throne and Daenerys in Essos is trying to gather an army to take back the throne that should be hers by right. Meanwhile, the Night’s Watch, first led by Jeor Mormont and then by Jon Snow, is the only one concerned with the only real threat coming from the North beyond the Wall. For with winter comes the White Walkers and their army of the dead. In season 7, Jon Snow has become lord of Winterfell and king of the North and he will try to rally Daenerys to his cause to save Westeros. The Night King is apparently the leader of all the White Walkers who can raise the dead. We learn in season six that the White Walkers were created long ago by the children of the forest to protect themselves from the first men to arrive in Westeros.


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