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Icy Viserion (Game Of Thrones)

A zombie dragon

Viserion is represented here with his modified appearance. His scales have become black instead of green and his wings, partially torn, are as if frosted. He is standing on his hind legs with his wings partially spread and his tail pulled back in front of him. At the head level, its mouth is slightly open and the spikes on its head are also partially frosted. Finally, like all zombies, his eyes have turned an unearthly blue.


A dramatic change

Viserion is one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons in the TV series Game Of Thrones based on the novels by George Martin. At the beginning of the series, Daenerys is exiled with her brother across the sea following the defeat of their father King Aegon Targaryen. Her brother Viserys will do anything to regain power and allies himself with Dothraki warlords by marrying his sister, hoping to get the army he wants from them to return to Westeros. For her wedding, Daenerys receives three dragon eggs, theoretically hundreds of years old and dead. But the Targaryens were known to have mastered the dragons and to have certain powers themselves, such as being immune to fire. When her husband died, she managed to hatch the eggs and named one of the dragons Viserion, in honor of her dead brother. From then on, it will be Daenerys who will do everything to recover the throne. Unfortunately, Viserion will meet a terrible fate as he will be killed during a fight against the white walkers and transformed into a zombie at their orders.


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