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Grey Worm (Game Of Thrones)

A soldier by nature

Grey Worm is depicted in the outfit he is seen wearing for the vast majority of the episodes. This is a slightly lighter soldier’s outfit since once Daenerys is settled in Meereen, the Unsullied become primarily city guards. The events taking place in particularly hot regions, his outfit is close to what must have been the armor of the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. We can see the light grey pants tightened to the calves worn with leather sandals. The distinctive style of his sleeveless armor has been finely reproduced by Funko. Grey Worm is represented in a warrior attitude with his spear in one hand, a characteristic weapon of the Unsullied. His head is quite classic: he has the traditional black eyes of the pop figures, his hair is black and very short and his eyebrows give him a fierce expression. Finally, Funko did not forget to represent the nice light brown color of his skin.


The leader of the Unsullied

Grey Worm is a character from the series Game Of Thrones” and the novels “A Song Of Ice And Fire” by George Martin, which it is adapted from. Grey Worm is an ex-slave freed by Daenerys Targaryen and recruited as one of the officers of her army. Indeed, when Daenerys goes to Astapor in season 3 in the hope of recruiting an army, she is offered to sell her 8000 “Unsullied” against one of her dragons. Against all odds, she accepts the offer, but she has another idea in mind. She orders her dragons to kill the slavers, frees the slaves and offers them to join her army as free men. These immaculately trained slaves are trained in a very cruel way since childhood, to make them fierce, obedient soldiers who are not afraid of death. They are also usually eunuchs. When Daenerys frees them, Grey Worm is one of the first to express his allegiance to her. He became one of her most loyal officers. Grey Worm was named by his masters to remind him of his insignificance. Although, like all Unsullied, Grey Worm shows little emotion, in the series he seems to develop feelings for Missandei, the beautiful translator recruited by Daenerys in Astapor.


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