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Ghost flocked (Game Of Thrones)

A soft wolf

For this SDCC 2014 exclusive figure, Ghost has been represented in a flocked version, that is to say with a soft velvet texture that fits very well for a wolf. We find the white coat of Ghost whose texture and fluffy side is very well represented. He is sitting on his four legs and his tail is raised as if he was shaking it. On the head, we can see his big pointed ears and especially his red eyes which differentiate him from the other wolves of his litter.


A faithful companion

Ghost is a direwolf, a kind of giant wolf of a species that was thought to be extinct in the Game Of Thrones series. Ghost is part of a litter whose mother died and that the Stark family finds in the very first episode of the series. While Ned Stark thinks it’s better to kill them all since their mother is dead, Jon, his bastard son, suggests that they keep them since there are as many as legitimate Stark children and it’s the emblem of their house. A few meters further, they find a sixth albino pup, all white with red eyes. It is therefore logical that Jon inherits it. Like all the other wolves in his litter, Ghost will be very loyal to Jon, protecting him and even saving his life several times during the series. Although he was not seen during the last season, Ghost is the last wolf alive with Arya’s wolf that she released early in the series to save him from being killed by Joffrey after he bit her to protect Arya.


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