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Rhaegal adulte (Game Of Thrones)

Like his two brothers, Rhaegal is finally represented in an adult and super-sized version (15 cm instead of the 10 cm of the classic pop figures). He is created on the same model as Viserion and Drogo, so only the paint colors change. Rhaegal is thus represented partly standing on his hind legs to stick to the usual proportions of pop figures. His long and detailed tail is folded forward from the left side with a nice movement and his wings are spread on the side of his body. Unlike his baby version, his body is entirely covered with scales. The effect is very finely reproduced and gives a very realistic and delicate look to this figurine. His head is quite similar to the young version but the details are much finer and better rendered and his mouth is this time completely open to reveal all his impressive teeth. Finally, Rhaegal is represented with several shades of green nicely shaded to a light yellow on his bat wings.


Dragons get out of hand

Rhaegal is one of the three dragons Daenerys is the mother of in Game Of Thrones, the series adapted from A Song Of Ice And Fire, the novels by George Martin. In this famous medieval fantasy series from HBO, the action takes place mainly on the continent of Westeros where the great families are at war with each other, almost all ignoring the threat of the White Walkers coming from the North, beyond the wall that is supposed to protect them. On the continent of Essos, Daenerys Targaryen is trying to gather an army to take back the iron throne that is rightfully hers since she is the last living heir of the mad king Aerys Targaryen, who died shortly before she was born. At the end of season 1, she places the dragon eggs she was given at her wedding on the funeral pyre of her husband. When the fire goes out, the eggs have hatched and she finds herself the mother” of three dragons. Daenerys will get an army by offering to hire an army of slaves instead of buying them. With the help of her dragons, they then kill the “masters” and go on to free the slaves from the other cities in the bay. When Daererys decides to settle in Meereen for a while to restore order, she begins to realize that her dragons are uncontrollable and decides to lock them up until she can do so. Named after her brother Rhaegar


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