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Night King on Iron Throne chrome (Game Of Thrones)

A terrible scenario

Funko has portrayed the Night King character in chrome for this exclusive version of the throne. As on the normal version, we find the dark gray throne composed of hundreds of swords melted together to create this throne as impressive as uncomfortable. The Night King is seated and represented with a chrome painting. He wears his short-sleeved but finely crafted tunic with wrist guards. He also wears boots with fine patterns nicely represented. On the head, his skin is blue and we can see his emaciated face which makes his eyes and the growths on his head even more strange and terrifying.


The worst possible ending?

With the final season of the Game Of Thrones series, the final battle between those still alive is approaching and one can wonder who will end up on the throne between Cersei, Jon, the king in the North or Daenerys, the mother of dragons. But there are also some less obvious candidates and of course the Night King who could well make of all the people of Westeros his army in order to finally take power and sit on the throne. After being very mysterious during the first seasons, we finally learned the origin of the white walkers thanks to Bran and the three eyed raven. When the first men arrived from Valyria to Westeros, the children of the forest were already living there and were chased out of their own land. In an attempt to counterattack, they captured one of the men and, by stabbing a dragonglass knife into his heart, created the first white walker. But they lost control and were eventually forced to hide to escape them.


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