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Viserion (Game Of Thrones)

Viserion, the beige dragon

Viserion is depicted as a baby as seen in the second season of the series when he can still rest on Daenerys’ shoulder or kept in a small cage. Funko represented him exactly the same as the baby versions of the other two dragons, Rhaegal and Drogon. He sits on his hind legs to match the usual proportions of pop figures. His long tail with spikes is pulled back to the right side and his bat wings are partly spread to the side. Each dragon has a different color and Viserion is entirely beige, reminiscent of Viserys’ light skin and blond hair, with touches of gold (reminiscent of the way he died). On the head, you can see many spikes on the side and top of his head. Funko also depicted his dragon snout as well as his mouth slightly open, which allows a very slight glimpse of his sharp teeth. Scales patterns were also drawn on several parts of her body to remind her reptilian side.


Viserys returns as a dragon

Viserion is one of the three dragons whose mother” Daenerys is in Game Of Thrones, the medieval fantasy series adapted from George Martin’s famous novels, A Song Of Ice And Fire. Most of the protagonists of this series evolve on the continent of Westeros. After a short period of relative peace, the great families are once again at war for power. Meanwhile, the Night’s Watch is trying to contain the threat of the White Walkers from the North, but those in power are not concerned. Across the sea, on the continent of Essos, Daenerys, heiress of the mad king Aerys Targaryen killed by the current king of Westeros, tries to survive with her brother Viserys. At the beginning of the series, he marries her to Khal Drogo, a barbarian leader, in exchange for his army. Against all odds, Daenerys and Drogo fall in love and after Viserys once again tries to harm his sister, Drogo kills him and promises to put his army at Daenerys’ service. But at the end of season 1, he dies. Daenerys then places the dragon eggs given at her wedding on Drogo’s funeral pyre. When the fire goes out, the eggs have hatched and Daenerys finds herself the mother of three dragons. She names one of them Viserion in honor of her brother Viserys.


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