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Arya Stark with spear (Game Of Thrones)

The greatest of heroines

Arya is shown here as she is in the famous episode of the battle against the Night King’s army. She wears brown pants with matching flat boots and a leather tunic that acts as light armor to allow her some freedom of movement. She holds in her hands a two-pointed spear made for her by Gendry and stands ready for battle. Finally, at the level of her head, we find her half-long hair held back in the manner of Jon Snow.


The progression of a warrior

Arya Stark is one of the main characters of the fantasy series Game Of Thrones. She is the youngest daughter of the Stark family, the guardians of Winterfell and all the North, and as such, she was destined to marry a rich nobleman and become a lady of the court like her sister Sansa. But Arya wanted to see the world and become a warrior who could fend for herself like her brothers. Her father agreed to hire a warrior from Bravos to begin her training at a young age. Syrio Forrel was smart enough to teach her to use her small size and work on her agility and speed rather than her strength. After her father’s arrest, Arya escaped the queen’s guards and then went incognito with a group of men on their way to the wall where she hoped to find Jon Snow. Her adventures took her to the Lannister stronghold as a servant and then to the nameless brotherhood and the Hound before she finally managed to regain her freedom. She then took a boat to Braavos to learn the technique of the faceless assassins, one of whose members had helped her some time before. But at the end of her training, Arya finally decides to return home to her family. Reunited with her family, she finally defeats the Night King in the Battle of the Long Night.


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