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Grey Wind (Game Of Thrones)

Not a simple wolf

Although the direwolves are mythical creatures, they still have the overall appearance of a gray wolf and it is only in some shots in the series that we are reminded that they are much larger than a normal wolf (that of a pony according to Maester Luwin). In order to stick to the classic proportions of a pop figure, Grey Wind is shown here sitting. The coat effect is nicely represented on his body and his thick bushy wolf tail is also finely represented. As for the head, Funko has of course deviated from its usual shape to be faithful to the character. His muzzle is in relief as well as his two big ears on top of the skull. He has a black nose and for once, his eyes are not black but orange as they are supposed to be in the series and novels. The gradations of white and gray on his coat are nicely represented but if, in the series, he is in fact a little more white than gray but we have to imagine that Funko wanted to mark the difference with Ghost, the albino wolf of Jon Snow.


Robb Stark

Grey Wind’s wolf is a direwolf in the Game Of Thrones series, the adaptation of A Song Of Ice And Fire, the famous novels by George Martin. The action takes place in a medieval fantasy world mainly on the continent of Westeros. The territory is divided into several regions, each ruled by one of the great families of the continent and all under the control of King Robert Baratheon. Ned Stark is the lord of the North and Winterfell. At the very beginning of the series, he and his sons find 6 direwolf puppies in the forest next to the corpse of their mother. As Ned is about to kill them, Jon Snow, his bastard son, suggests to keep them since there is one for each of his children and that it is probably a sign since the direwolf is the symbol of the Stark family. The direwolfs are a kind of wolf, but much larger than normal and not seen in this area for a long time. Indeed, they used to live on the other side of the huge wall that separates the northern region from the wild and icy spaces of the northern continent. Robb Stark, the eldest Stark son, named his son Grey Wind. It will often be of great help to him during the battles after the war has been declared. At his uncle’s wedding banquet where Robb and his mother are murdered, Grey Wind is in a cage despite the protests of his mother who knows that these animals have protected her children many times. He too will be executed after the death of his master.


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