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Tyrion Lannister avec bouclier (Game Of Thrones)

A brave fighter

Despite his small size, Tyrion is a brave fighter and does not hesitate to fight if he needs to. Funko has him here holding a shield as he’s just been attacked and stands ready to fight. Tyrion is wearing Lannister clothing here. He wears gray pants and boots and a red tunic with gold decorations. At the level of the head, we find his blond hair typical of the Lannisters.


The black sheep of the family

Tyrion Lannister is one of the main characters of the series Game Of Thrones adapted from the novels of George Martin. He is the youngest brother of the very rich Lannister family. His sister is the queen and his brother is the very elegant chief of the royal guard. But Tyrion is a dwarf and his mother died giving birth to him. For this reason, his father and sister hate him and only his brother has affection for him. Tyrion is very intelligent and spends a lot of time reading. He is also the only one in his family who cares about the people and tries to do the right thing. Unfortunately, his family name works against him and he will find himself in some very dangerous situations several times.


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