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Cersei Lannister on Iron Throne (Game Of Thrones)

A possible end?

Like the other characters of this series of figurines, Cersei would be one of the characters risking to be on the throne at the end of the series. She is represented here on the famous iron throne composed of hundreds of swords remelted to give this rather impressive and terrifying aspect. Cersei is sitting on the throne in a very serene position with her hands on her knees and wearing the long black dress she wore throughout season seven. The texture is very nicely represented as well as the details of the armor she wears at the shoulders. Finally, on the head, we find her short blond hair and this silver crown created especially for her and her new reign.


Cersei or the Night King

Cersei Lannister is one of the main characters of the heroic fantasy saga Game Of Thrones. Cersei is a member of the wealthy Lannister family and married King Robert Baratheon as a result of a political arrangement. From the beginning of the series, we learn that she hates her husband and that she is in fact in an incestuous relationship with her twin brother who is in fact the real father of her three children. Throughout the series, she will not hesitate to eliminate all those who oppose her and would prevent her from achieving her ultimate goal, no longer just being the king’s wife but actually reigning on the throne of Westeros. After the death of her son and the elimination of all her enemies, Cersei finds herself queen at the beginning of season 7. But then winter arrives and the threat of the white walkers becomes more and more serious. Making an agreement with Daenerys and Jon Snow, Cersei does not intend to respect it and she intends to remain the last one standing to keep her throne.


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