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Harpy (Game Of Thrones)

The assassins with the golden mask

As we can see in the series, these assassins always act with their faces masked and this is how they are represented. So we find the pants and this long yellow dress representative of the style of dress of the inhabitants of Meereen. He also wears this particular belt around his waist and brown shoes. But the most characteristic on this character is of course his mask. We find this inexpressive golden mask whose details of horns, face and engravings are very finely reproduced. We can just distinguish his black eyes through the holes of the mask. Finally, being an assassin, this character holds an impressive dagger in his hand.


Revenge of the Masters

The Harpy” are characters in the fifth season of the HBO fantasy series Game Of Thrones. This series, adapted from George Martin’s novels A Song Of Ice And Fire, takes place in a medieval fantasy world mainly on two continents: Essos and Westeros. The Harpy’s are part of the story of Daenerys, the only central character who is in Essos during the whole series. She is the last heir of the mad king Aerys, former king of Westeros defeated by an alliance of the great families of Westeros and ousted from power. Daenerys has been exiled to Essos since her birth, but as an adult she is determined to regain power. To do so, she has freed an army of slave soldiers and is determined to free all those in Slaver’s Bay. After freeing those in Meereen, she decides to settle there and rule until order is restored. But the great slave families of the city do not see it that way. Some of them then decide to mask their faces and to murder as many soldiers and inhabitants loyal to Daenerys as possible. They are called the “Sons Of The Harpy”.


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