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Night King (Game Of Thrones)

The zombie king

The white walkers should not be confused with the wights, which are former human zombies without willpower at the orders of the white walkers. The Night King is one of these white walkers and although he has a rather cadaverous appearance, he has his own characteristics. As in that famous episode, the Night King wears a long gray tunic and matching boots and wrist armor. We can also see his blue skin, his skeletal hands and the strange pendant he wears on his chest. On the head, we can still see this blue skin and Funko has well represented these strange growths on his skull. Finally, his eyes are a brilliant blue to respect the terrifying look of this character. His mouth is for once represented to show those strange folds of skin characteristic.


The biggest threat of Westeros

The Night King is an important character seen in the fifth of the cult series of HBO: Game Of Thrones. This series, adapted from George Martin’s novels A Song Of Ice And Fire, takes place in a medieval fantasy world. On the continent of Westeros, great families are fighting for power. But meanwhile, a much greater threat is coming from the North. Indeed, hundreds or thousands of years ago, the king of the time built a huge wall of impassable ice in the north of the continent to protect himself from the savages who live there but also from the famous white walkers. Today, no one really believes in their existence anymore, except for the Night’s Watch, an order of soldiers dressed in black who have taken an oath to guard the wall. Jon Snow, Ned Stark’s bastard son, has gone from being a soldier of the guard to a commander of the guard in just a few years. In season 5, he goes to Hardhome on the other side of the wall to help a group of savages. But then comes one of these white walkers nicknamed the Night King” accompanied by an army of “wights”, a kind of zombies. We don’t know much about the origin of these white walkers but we know that they have the power to raise the dead. Jon Snow will fight it and miraculously come out alive thanks to his Valyrian steel sword.


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