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Claptrap gentleman (Borderlands)

The little gentleman robot

This figure is an exclusive version of the one already released of this character. The little robot with his characteristic shape is represented here with the look of a gentleman. We find his usual shape as well as the many details that make him up but these clothes are mainly in shades of gray. A tuxedo jacket and shirt pattern is drawn under his eye” and he wears a brown mustache. In addition to that, he holds a magnifying glass in one of his hands in the form of a clip and wears a top hat balanced on the left side of his body.


An adorable robot

Claptrap is a multifunctional robot in the video game Borderlands. This game is set on the fictional planet of Pandora and is a mix of RPG and FPS. Once exploited for its mining resources and alien technology, it is now abandoned and overrun by bandits and strange creatures. The player embodies a treasure hunter in search of an ark containing many of these technologies. Claptrap is a small robot that will help the player in some of his quests and give him some others. He has an extremely enthusiastic personality and has a tendency to brag even though he can also be very depressed.


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