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Mad Moxxi en rouge (Borderlands)

A style all her own

This figure is an exclusive version of the previously released figure of this character. She is identical in every way except that her clothes and hat are red instead of purple. So we still find this mix of burlesque and steampunk. His military inspired jacket with many details is finely reproduced. On the face, we find her white complexion, her pink cheeks and her famous mole. Finally, she wears her famous hat with a playing card stuck in it, probably a reference to the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.


The boss of the dome

Mad Moxxi is a character from the video game Borderlands which takes place on the planet Pandora, an alien planet now abandoned and at the mercy of the worst bandits, but once exploited for its mining resources and alien technologies. The player is in search of these technologies left behind. Mad Moxxi is the boss of the Dome where the battles take place, the owner of several bars, and a quest giver.


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