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Clarke (The 100)

A protective figure

Like all the other characters, Clarke is sent in a hostile world, so she has to wear an adapted outfit. We find her black pants worn with matching boots. With that, she has a blue t-shirt and a black leather jacket. At the level of the head, we find well the characteristic spots on her face and we recognize well her pretty blond hair. In her left hand, she holds the gun that helps her to defend herself.


The team doctor

Clarke is one of the central characters in the post-apocalyptic television series The Hundred. After a nuclear accident, the human race disappeared from Earth and only the inhabitants of space stations survived. One hundred years later, resources are scarce so the authorities decide to send a hundred juvenile criminals to Earth to see if it has become habitable again. Before being arrested, Clarke was studying to become a doctor, so her knowledge will be very useful to the group. After a while, she will even become the second leader with Bellamy.


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