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Lincoln as reaper (The 100)

Lincoln the reaper

For this San Diego Comic Con 2017 exclusive figure, Lincoln is thus represented with his Reaper appearance. Lincoln is wearing his usual outfit: green pants with boots partially covered with fur and a gray t-shirt. But the reaper drug makes him particularly violent, so his shirt is partly torn and we can see that he has broken the chains that tied his wrists together. Finally, we can see on his face that his eyes are tinted red because of the drug turning him into a reaper.


A fearsome warrior

Lincoln was a member of the Trikru tribe in the post-apocalyptic series The Hundred. This one takes place a hundred years after a nuclear accident, where the only survivors are theoretically those living in space stations at the time. They are reorganized into a super-authoritarian society, but despite this, resources are beginning to dry up and so they decide to send a group of one hundred young delinquents to Earth to see if it has become liveable again. They discover that humans have managed to survive and are organized in primitive societies. Lincoln is a warrior of his tribe who will help the young offenders many times and even start a relationship with Octavia. But he will be seen as a traitor by his own people and captured by the mountain men who force him to become a reaper.


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