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Lincoln (The 100)

A man of the forest

As a member of the forest clan, Lincoln wears camouflage-like clothing. His lattice-like pants and the animal skin elements are well rendered. Lincoln also wears more modern items like black leather gloves reinforced with metal elements and spikes. On the head, there is makeup around his eyes as well as on his skull.


A warrior of the forest clan

Lincoln is one of the main characters in seasons two and three of The Hundred series. When a nuclear accident eradicates all life on Earth, only the 2400 members of the space stations survive and organize themselves into a new authoritarian society. One hundred years later, resources are running out so the government decides to send a group of one hundred young delinquents to check if the Earth is habitable again. The hundred young people soon realize that a few groups of humans have managed to survive despite everything. Lincoln is a member of a forest clan who helps the group on several occasions and even develops feelings for Octavia.


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