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Lexa chase (The 100)

Lexa without makeup

Funko has represented her in this chase version of Lexa almost identically to the original but without her makeup. She is dressed in both futuristic and medieval clothes with these black leather pants, futuristic boots but also elements of metal armor reminiscent of medieval armor and chain mail with this sun motif on the shoulders. Finally at the level of the head, she has this hairstyle of viking inspiration and this tattoo in relief in the shape of sun in the middle of the forehead.


A new leader of humanity

Lexa is an important character in seasons two and three of The Hundred. This series takes place in a more or less distant future in which a hundred years ago, a nuclear catastrophe eradicated all life on Earth. Only the inhabitants of the space bases have survived and are reorganized in a hyper-authoritarian society due to the lack of space. As resources begin to dwindle too much, they decide to send a group of one hundred juvenile criminals to check if life has become possible again. There they discover that some humans have been able to survive and have also reorganized themselves into more or less violent tribes. Lexa is the rather friendly leader of one of these tribes with whom the group will have to get in touch.


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