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Lexa (The 100)

A true warrior leader

As in the series, Lexa has a look mixing ancient and modern warrior. We find her black leather outfit with many metallic elements very nicely represented by Funko. She also holds in her right hand a sword, her favorite weapon. On the head, we find her famous makeup, also adopted by Octavia as well as the Sun symbol on her forehead. His hair is styled in the Viking style with braids on the side of his face.


Commander-in-Chief of the Twelve Clans

Lexa is an important character in seasons two and three of The Hundred. One hundred years ago, a nuclear accident made all life on Earth impossible and only the inhabitants of the space bases survived. Today, resources are running out so the government decides to send a group of one hundred juvenile criminals to Earth to see if it is possible to return. The group soon realizes that humans have never completely disappeared from Earth. Some groups have managed to survive and Lexa is the leader of twelve reunited clans. The group sent to Earth will have to ally with a much more dangerous group.


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