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Classic Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog)

A great sprinter

Sonic has been represented here in his classic version as seen on the cover of the first Sonic games. He is running with his fists backwards to add aerodynamics and his feet are surrounded by red rings to represent speed. His body is mostly blue with long thin legs and a round beige belly. He wears white gloves and sneakers. We find the characteristic spikes of the hedgehog only at the level of the back of the head. At the front, his eyes are circled with white like creating eyebrows and he has a small round black nose.


The most famous hedgehog

Sonic is the famous blue anthropomorphic hedgehog from the famous Sega video game license. The first opus of this famous platform game was released in 1991, having decided to create the video game around their brand new mascot, Sonic, the blue hedgehog. Sonic is a platform game where the player controls Sonic through various levels, the ultimate goal being to prevent the evil Doctor Robotnik from taking over the world with the help of chaos emeralds. Sonic has the particularity of being very fast, especially when he gets into a ball and becomes as fast as a cannonball. The first game was a great success, so there were many new versions with each new console, and Sonic also got allies like Tails or Silver.


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