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Silver (Sonic The Hedgehog)

A hedgehog from the future

Like Sonic, Silver is an anthropomorphic hedgehog. He stands on his hind legs and has arms and legs that look human. As his name suggests, he is a silver-gray color. At the level of the head, he has spikes at the back of the head but also spikes leaving between his two eyes and goes up quite high above the head. Finally, he wears big blue boots with turquoise toe and golden rings around his ankles. He wears the same rings around his wrists and wears white gloves with turquoise rings.


A new ally

Silver is a character from the video game license Sonic The Hedgehog. He first appeared in the game Sonic The Hedgehog also called Sonic 2006 because it was released in 2006 and the first to be released on the seventh generation consoles. Silver is the main character that the player plays in this game. He is also a hedgehog but he comes from the future to prevent certain things from happening in the present to save his time. Silver has the same super speed as Sonic and he also has a telekinetic power that allows him to move objects at will and to fly himself.


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