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Cobb Vanth (Star Wars The Mandalorian)

A familiar look

Cobb Vanth is shown here with the mandalorian armor we see him wearing in the series, which is actually Boba Fett’s. There are mostly pieces of armor on the torso and arms as well as this famous helmet with the characteristic shape of the mandalorians. But this one is green and red and has seen better days, which is specific to Boba Fett’s. He also wears brown pants and boots and holds a gun in his right hand.


The new sheriff

Cobb Vanth is a character met by Din Djarin, the hero of The Mandalorian series at the beginning of season two. The latter is looking for other people of his people to help him protect the young child he saved the previous season. He is sent to Tatooine where he is told that the sheriff of Mos Pelgos is a Mandalorian like himself. But when he gets there, he realizes that this man, Cobb Vanth, has just found a suit of Mandalorian armor and has been using it to enforce the law and protect his town from the attacks of various bandits since Jabba’s death a few years ago. Din Djarin makes a deal with him. He agrees to help him get rid of a kind of giant worm that terrorizes the city and the surrounding area in exchange for the armor that must stay with one of his people.


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