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Cortana (Halo 4)

An elegant creature

Although an artificial intelligence, Cortana has a well-defined physical appearance. She is a humanoid female character who is represented almost naked except for the dark blue patterns on some parts of her body. This figurine is very simple but pretty and faithful to the character.


Artificial intelligence

Cortana is one of the important characters of the famous video game Halo 4. It is the artificial intelligence that accompanies the hero player to guide him and help him in his missions. Halo 4, as well as all its predecessors, is a first-person shooter set in the XXVI century. In the first episode of Halo, a human warship falls on Halo, an unknown structure. Master Chief is one of the soldiers on that ship. In Halo 4, Master Chief survives the destruction of his ship by his Covenant enemies. One of his missions will be to return to Earth to help Cortana, who has already lived longer than any other artificial intelligence in existence.


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