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Master Chief (Halo 4)

An impressive look

Since his first version in 2002, Master Chief’s look hasn’t changed much, his armor has just become more detailed. So we find this green metallic armor from head to toe with this yellow visor on the face. In his hands, he holds his powerful futuristic weapon.


The hero of Halo

Master Chief is the main character of the famous video game Halo 4, the one the player will embody. It’s the same one since the first game of the series: Combat Evolved. Halo 4 is a first-person shooter set in the 26th century. In the first game, a human warship falls on Halo, an unknown structure. Master Chief is one of the super soldiers who must explore it. In Halo 4, Master Chief survived the destruction of his ship by his Covenant enemies. During the game, he will do everything to return to Earth as soon as possible in order to heal Cortana, the artificial intelligence that has accompanied him since the beginning of his adventures.


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